Cosmetic Dermatology


Cosmetic dermatology lobbying groups tell the public that diet and supplements are the best way to make vitamin D — ignoring that nature’s design is for us to make vitamin D from regular UV exposure and that the most sun-deprived populations are vitamin D deficient.

Why would they lie? Consider Dermatology groups are paid millions of dollars by the manufacturers of chemical sunscreen products in exchange for promoting a message that any and all UV exposure is harmful, which increases sunscreen sales but which has caused  massive spike in vitamin D deficiency.

Their advice is unnatural. And it needs to stop.

But do clinical dermatologists really believe that any UV is harmful? After all, cosmetic dermatologists use UV exposure in their offices to treat purely cosmetic skin conditions (psoriasis and eczema primarily) — a treatment they call “phototherapy.” These phototherapy sessions often cost up to $100 per visit. Oftentimes they are accompanied with usage of a carcinogenic topical agent — most often a psoralen-based lotion.

According to the phototherapy industry’s own practices, dermatologists use sunburning dosages of UV light (and the dermatology industry defends this as safe) for the clinical treatment of psoriasis, a non-life threatening disease.

So if any UV exposure were as dangerous as a they claim while promoting sunscreen, then dermatologists would be guilty of violating their Hippocratic oath for using UV in burning dosages to treat purely cosmetic skin conditions.

Cosmetic dermatologists who are aware of this contradiction need to challenge their lobbying groups and end this practice.

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