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Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology lobbying groups tell the public that diet and supplements are the best way to make vitamin D

sun blockers

Chemical sunscreen may prevent sunburn, but it also completely blocks vitamin D production in the skin

sun scare

Much of the recent public discussion about sun care falls in the category of over-stated hyperbole we call “sun scare”



Sleeping woman enjoying sunlight
Oct 25,2020 / Uncategorized
Sleeping is important. Let the sunshine help!

Sleeping soundly through sun exposure by Marc Sorenson, EdD. Sleeping in vital to human function and insomnia (inability to sleep) …

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Is schizophrenia prevented by sun exposure?
Oct 21,2020 / Uncategorized
Schizophrenia: Is sunlight the answer?

Schizophrenia and sunlight by Marc Sorenson, EdD Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, acts, …

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Oct 19,2020 / Uncategorized
Type 2 diabetes, sunlight, covid-19 plant-based diets

Type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, sunlight, and Covid-19, by Marc Sorenson, EdD. Type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes …

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Oct 10,2020 / Uncategorized
Major factors in Covid-19: Sunlight and Parkinson’s

Major factors for Covid-19. By Marc Sorenson, EdD  Major factors in Covid-19 and death go far beyond age, lung disease, …

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Sep 27,2020 / Uncategorized
Nitric oxide: miracle molecule of sunlight on skin.

Nitric oxide. Miracle molecule. By Marc Sorenson, EdD   Nitric oxide is colorless gas that produced by the stimulation of …

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Sep 20,2020 / Uncategorized
Insufficient Sunlight destroys health. Part 1

Insufficient sunlight destroys health. By Marc Sorenson, EdD Insufficient sunlight is wreaking havoc on health and ruining the enjoyment sunlight …

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Sunlight from a child's perspective

Seems like plain old commonsense when you put it that way…

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