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Sunshine is free. No one sells it. It has neither a marketing team nor an advocate to defend it against the lies and the all-out assault by those who make billions of dollars annually preaching an over-the-top message of “Sun Scare” instead of teaching a balanced message of proper sun care.

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Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology lobbying groups tell the public that diet and supplements are the best way to make vitamin D

sun blockers

Chemical sunscreen may prevent sunburn, but it also completely blocks vitamin D production in the skin

sun scare

Much of the recent public discussion about sun care falls in the category of over-stated hyperbole we call “sun scare”



Aug 1,2015 / Uncategorized
Go Ahead and Soak up some Sun! So says Dr. Holick.

By Marc Sorenson, EdD, Sunlight Institute Go ahead and soak up some sun! So says Dr. Holick. It is great …

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Jul 31,2015 / Uncategorized
Non-melanoma skin Cancer (NMSC) and Alzheimer’s Disease

By Marc Sorenson, EdD, Sunlight Institute Whereas melanoma, the deadly skin cancer, is inversely associated with sunlight exposure (more sunlight …

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Jul 26,2015 / Uncategorized
Sunlight is more a Friend than Foe for Older People.

By Marc Sorenson, Sunlight Institute Dr. Richard Weller, “enlightened” dermatologist, continues to dispel the myths regarding sunlight exposure. He and …

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Jul 22,2015 / Uncategorized
Early-Life Sun Exposure Affects the Age of Onset of Bipolar Disorder.

By Marc Sorenson, EdD We are meant to be in the sunlight for both mental and physical health, and one …

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Jul 16,2015 / Uncategorized
Sunlight and Your Liver: is Nitric Oxide at work again?

By Marc Sorenson, EdD Sunlight Institute Recent research, again involving Dr. Richard Weller, demonstrates that Sunlight exposure may prevent liver …

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Jul 16,2015 / Uncategorized
Vitamin D Society News Release: Restrictive Sun Exposure Poses Health Risks!

Marc Sorenson EdD, Sunlight Institute Our purposes for the Sunlight Institute are to tell the truth about the marvelous benefits …

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Sunlight from a child's perspective

Seems like plain old commonsense when you put it that way…

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