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Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology lobbying groups tell the public that diet and supplements are the best way to make vitamin D

sun blockers

Chemical sunscreen may prevent sunburn, but it also completely blocks vitamin D production in the skin

sun scare

Much of the recent public discussion about sun care falls in the category of over-stated hyperbole we call “sun scare”



May 27,2016 / Uncategorized
Sunlight suppresses Cancer: We have known for a Long Time.

By Marc Sorenson, EdD.  Sunlight Institute…. While reading one of Dr. Michael Holick’s latest publications,[1] I was intrigued that he …

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May 23,2016 / Uncategorized
Sun Exposure: The key to a normal, healthy Pregnancy.

By Marc Sorenson, EdD.  Sunlight Institute… Sun exposure determines vitamin D levels. A recent study used pregnant Arab women as …

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May 17,2016 / Uncategorized
Sunshine, Alzheimer’s Disease and non-Alzheimer’s Dementia

By Marc Sorenson, EdD. Sunlight Institute… One of the fears of aging is that memory will fade and full-fledged Alzheimer’s …

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May 8,2016 / Uncategorized
Two more Pieces of Research that are positive for Tanning Beds

By Marc Sorenson, EdD.   Sunlight Institute Although I occasionally try to balance the messages about tanning beds, this blog …

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May 2,2016 / Uncategorized
A Letter to a Vegan Friend with a triple compression Fracture

By Marc Sorenson, EdD.   Sunlight Institute…. I sent this letter to a good friend who just suffered a triple compression …

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Apr 28,2016 / Uncategorized
In Switzerland Sun exposure helped prevent and cure tuberculosis (TB) long before the Advent of Antibiotics!

By Marc Sorenson, EdD   Sunlight Institute… I recently happened across new research that should be of interest to those …

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Sunlight from a child's perspective

Seems like plain old commonsense when you put it that way…

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