Embrace the Sun, and your Kidneys will Love You.

Embrace the Sun, and your Kidneys will Love You.

By Marc Sorenson, EdD, Sunlight Institute…

Kidney cancer is nothing to take lightly. Any protective measures you take will be worthwhile and potentially life-saving. Nearly 65,000 Americans are diagnosed with kidney cancer annually, accounting for roughly 4% of newly detected cancers and 2% of cancer deaths.[i]

Research demonstrates that kidney cancer, also known as renal cancer, is reduced among people who have the greatest sun exposure. Dr. Sara Karami and her colleagues, in 2010, showed that among European men, there was a 24-38% risk reduction in renal cancer with the highest levels of sun exposure.[ii]

These same researchers, in 2015, showed that U.S. women with the highest two quartiles (fourths) of sun exposure had a 33% reduction in risk.[iii]  Interestingly, the data was adjusted for vitamin D intake, and the results still showed sun exposure to have a stand-alone protective influence on kidney cancer—another indication that sun exposure has protective effects beyond vitamin D.

Other studies on kidney cancer, using different designs, have produced similar results. A study of Swedish construction workers showed a significant 30% decreased risk among men with the highest sun exposure,[iv] and in a study of approximately 451,000 adults, followed for nine years, increasing sun exposure was associated with a significant reduction in kidney cancer and several other cancers.[v]

Embrace the sun, and your kidneys will love you for it. Remember not to burn.

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