India is coming to an understanding of the vital importance of sunlight.

India is coming to an understanding of the vital importance of sunlight.

By Marc Sorenson, EdD

In an article by Kranti Vibhule, writing for an Indian publication called DNA India, the argument is made that children’s health is suffering from the disappearance of playgrounds, the overprotectiveness of parents and the constant movement from one air-conditioned environment to another. In other words, their health is being compromised by lack of sunlight. The children consequently suffer from skin problems, breathing difficulties, hair loss and weak bones. These children receive only a modicum of sunlight.

Vitamin D deficiency, caused by a paucity of sunlight exposure, is emphasized as the root of the problem, but the author needs to realize that sunlight is essential for the production of many other healthful photoproducts by exposure of skin to sunlight; throwing a vitamin D pill at the problem only answers part of the health dilemma that sunless habits effect.

The article ends with this statement: “Therefore, it’s time to let children play in the sun. Sunlight, fresh air and ‘sweat’ give your children healthy bodies and minds.” What a wonderful statement!

I see more positive sunlight promotion among Indian publications that I see in U.S. publications. Indian health professionals are beginning to recognize the sinister message behind sun avoidance and many are making an effort to change the anti-sun thinking. Hopefully, Sunlight Institute’s message on the healthful effects of the sun will also have its impact. Pass these messages on to friends and family so that they will not succumb to the nonsense being promulgated by the Sunscare industry—those who make billions by denigrating the sun. The health of our children is at stake.

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