Sun deprivation and retarded growth:

Embrace the Sun for health

Sun deprivation and retarded growth:

Sun deprivation and its deleterious effects on children. By Marc Sorenson, EdD.

Sun deprivation is a tragedy!          

Sun deprivation, first of all, has been discussed in my last four blogs and it has concentrated on children’s health. The last blog discussed sun deprivation and rickets. And I will continue to pursue this subject until people stop abusing their children by denying them natural sunlight. For more on the tragic consequences of sun deprivation, visit

Was sun deprivation always practiced, or is it a new phenomenon?

It seems like, in the past, both the people and the government understood the vital necessity of sun exposure. Consequently, In the 1930s, the Department of Labor printed a pamphlet called Sun for Babies. So here is a quote from that pamphlet. “Every mother who wishes her baby to have robust health should give him regular sun baths from early infancy until he is old enough to play in the sun himself.” They continued: “If the sun’s rays are to help the baby grow properly and to prevent rickets, they must fall directly on the skin and tan it.” While that may have been popular advice in the 1930s it would not be popular today. Hence, it is likely that any parent practicing “baby tanning” would be arrested for child abuse. Since the 1930’s the dermatological profession has come a long way… in the wrong direction!

Does sun deprivation affect a child’s growth?

So, research related to bone growth in children shows that they grow more rapidly during summer months. And, other researchers have also observed that children seem to grow more rapidly in summer.  Why should this be? Probably because sun exposure is greater in the summer. And, that sun exposure stimulates the vitamin D necessary for robust bone growth. For full documentation, see the book Embrace the Sun.

Because we love them and want them to have good health, we should give them regular non-burning sunlight. We want our children to have reasonable growth rates. The vitamin D produced by sun exposure can produce larger and stronger bones. Sun deprivation may retard growth. And, vitamin D may also be accompanied by factors such as nitric oxide, serotonin, endorphins and other healthful photoproducts. Consequently, these photoproducts may assist vitamin D. Whatever the mechanisms, we now know that the sun has one more critically important effect on human health: accelerated growth among our children.

Protect your children from the Powers of Darkness. Happy sunning.

Embrace the Sun.

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