Sunlight is good for you! So Says the Daily Mail in the UK.

Sunlight is good for you! So Says the Daily Mail in the UK.

By Marc Sorenson, EdD, Sunlight Institute

It is good to see the world waking up to the benefits of sunlight, and it is especially encouraging to see major newspapers reporting on it.

The Daily Mail (UK) just posted today (May 14, 2015) a very truthful article regarding sun exposure. Dr. John Briffa’s article indicated that the advice to avoid sunlight fails to recognize that such advice may lead to a heightened risk of cancers other than skin cancer, and it even quotes research that shows melanoma may be lessened by regular outdoor lifestyles. It questions whether sunlight really is the cause of melanoma at all. One of the interesting statements is that a 10% reduction in sunlight exposure could result in about 2,000 extra deaths from breast and colon cancer per year, whereas that reduction would prevent only a portion of the 2,000 deaths which occur each year from melanoma. The article sums up by stating, “So while avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight and sunburn may be important, the time has come to recognize the sun’s health-giving properties.”

Let’s all hope that more media outlets start touting the benefits of sunlight. Here is the link to the article.


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