Type 2 diabetes, sunlight, covid-19 plant-based diets

Type 2 diabetes, sunlight, covid-19 plant-based diets

Type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, sunlight, and Covid-19, by Marc Sorenson, EdD.

Type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes closely associate with increased risk of death in persons hospitalized for Covid 19, according to recent research published in the Lancet medical journal. Thus, people with diabetes accounted for one third of all in-hospital COVID-19 deaths during a study period of about three months.

Type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes are both diseases of chronically high blood sugar (glucose) leading to blindness, nerve damage, heart disease, kidney disorders and numerous other maladies. Diabetes comes in two forms: (1) Type 1 diabetes, usually caused by an autoimmune response, which damages the insulin-producing islets of the pancreas. This reduces the production of insulin, which is responsible for removing glucose from the blood and storing it in the cells. It is juvenile diabetes, since its inception usually occurs in childhood. (2) Type 2 diabetes, in which the pancreas produces insulin, but blood sugar remains high due to insulin resistance. More than 90% of diabetes is type 2. Type 1 is so much less common that we will concentrate on type 2 diabetes for the purposes of this article.

Diabetes and sunlight

A meta-analysis produced moderate evidence that recreational sun exposure associates with a reduced risk of type 2 two diabetes. The study was undertaken because the researchers have observed that higher Vitamin D levels were consistently associated with lower diabetes risk, yet vitamin D3 supplementation was not. They hypothesized sun exposure could have influences not related to vitamin D, and such seems to have been the case. Another investigation demonstrated that women who had “active sun exposure habits” had a 30% decrease in the risk of type two diabetes.

What is the real cause of diabetes? Results from our health resort.

Though sun exposure is vital for diabetes, lack of sun is not the cause. Sunlight is an adjunct to a proper lifestyle. Deleterious nutrition and little exercise are keys. The worst nutrition is high in meat, sugar and eggs, and low in fruits and vegetables. In addition, proper nutrition is the answer to healing this pernicious malady. Thus, by using plant-based diets, exercise and sunshine, most diabetics abjured all medications, including injected insulin. This process took an average of about 11.7 days. Furthermore, if they stayed four weeks, they achieved a “cure” rate of about 85%. Those who were not well at that time still reduced medication dramatically and usually recovered at home. The solution: non-burning sun exposure and plant-based diets, which profoundly reduces risk. In addition, as we discussed in other blogs, sunlight and vitamin D are also factors in suppressing Covid-19.

Therefore, hospital death from Covid-19 profoundly increases with diabetes. DO NOT to look for another cure for the pandemic. Remove the causes.

The answer is to halt the causative factor: diabetes, because it the simplest of all degenerative diseases to reverse. Eat correctly, exercise outdoors when possible, obtain plenty of non-burning sun exposure and use common sense concerning Covid 19. This will furnish you the best protection.

For more information, visit sunlightinstitute.org and read the book by Sorenson and Grant, Embrace the Sun.

Happy sunning!

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