Sunlight exposure for health: Vitamin D Society.

Sunlight exposure for health: Vitamin D Society.

Canadians need sunlight exposureSunlight exposure for Canadian health promoted by Vitamin D Society. By Marc Sorenson, EdD.

The essential need for sunlight exposure.

Sunlight is essential for human survival and human health. So, common sense would dictate that the current counterintuitive message—that sun exposure is harmful—is in error. First of all, without the sun, the earth would not have existed. And, without sunlight exposure for humans, humans could not have existed. In fact, rather than a world teeming with life, an earth without sunlight exposure would be a cold, lifeless mass.

A recent message on sunlight exposure reemphasized

On January 7, 2019, I posted a blog regarding new research regarding public health and the need for sunlight exposure. The research was authored by Drs. David G. Hoel and Frank R. De Gruijl.[1] And in it, they proved through research review that sunlight was healthful. And they also stated that the erroneous public health message about sunlight exposure needed to change.

Perry Holman realized the need to promote this sunlight exposure information.

Due to this research paper by Hoel and De Gruijl, my sunlight colleague Perry Holman took action. He understood the exceptionally low sun exposure among Canadians, and, their consequent suffering. Mr. Holman, the director of the vitamin D society of Canada, therefore wrote a press release that everyone should read:

Here are some of the salient points of the press release:

First of all, the paper pointed out that the public is confused regarding sunlight. This is especially because terms such as “overexposure” are not clearly defined.

In addition, the authors stated that “The public is led to believe that all sun exposure should be avoided and that the avoidance of sun exposure is free of risk from a health perspective. That is not the case.”

Also, the paper reported that approximately 12% of U.S. deaths per year may be linked to inadequate sunlight.Sunlight exposure improves the mood.

The conclusions about sunlight exposure:

Perhaps this comment was most noteworthy: “Vitamin D supplementation is not always an adequate substitute for sun exposure. [This is also something I realized before Dr. William Grant and I wrote Embrace the Sun.]

In conclusion, the authors stated “non-burning UV exposure is a health benefit and – in moderation – should be recommended as such.”

And although this press release was written with Canadians in mind, it is appropriate for the entire world. Why? Because the world is becoming deficient in sunlight exposure due to the false messages of the powers of darkness.

So, use the links above to peruse this must-read press release. In addition, find more information at the Sunlight Institute site: Also, read my new book, Embrace the Sun, available at Amazon.




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[1] Hoel D, de Gruijl, F. Sun Exposure Public Health Directives. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2018;15:2794

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