Sunshine and Gut Inflammation: Stop the pain!

Sunshine and Gut Inflammation: Stop the pain!

Sunshine and gut inflammation by Marc Sorenson, EdD

Sunshine dampens chronic gut inflammation: Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

Different bowel cross sections, showing a healthy bowel, as well as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

Sunshine helps to reduce chronic gut inflammation, which is usually due to two diseases: Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis. These two diseases are known as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), and worldwide, there are 800,000 people who live with those two life-long disorders. And, these diseases are autoimmune diseases, where the body attacks itself.

In addition, these diseases are hard to live with because they cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, inflammation and general misery. Each year more children contract IBD and each year, they contract it at younger ages. Most noteworthy, in my opinion, is the fact that IBD is, to a great extent, a sunshine deprivation disease. Children’s sunshine deprivation is horrific because it is child abuse, due to erroneous messages of dermatologists, AKA the Powers of Darkness.

Especially relevant is the fact that sunshine may profoundly decrease IBD. And, new research shows that the anti-inflammatory effects of sunshine are remarkably helpful.[1]

And here are the salient messages of this new sunshine research:

  • First of all, children who were outside and exposed to sunshine for an extra half hour a day were protected. Thus, they had a 20% lower risk of developing IBD.
  • Another finding was reported by Dr. Robyn Lucas, the lead researcher. Each 10 minutes of sun exposure was associated with a six% lower risk of developing IBD, [so do you want to deprive your children of sun exposure?]
  • She also stated: “At this stage what we have shown is there is a link between lack of sun exposure and increased risk of IBD…”
  • Furthermore, Dr. Lucas made this observation: “Taking children to play outside in the sun could be life-changing.”

Also, I should add that what is true for these children is also true for adults. Read more in the new book, Embrace the Sun, by Marc Sorenson and William Grant.

Sunshine may prevent inflammatory bowel disease.
Read it and learn!

Find more information on,  particularly at this link:

So be sure to obtain regular, non-burning sunshine, whether for yourselves or your children. Happy sunning!

[1] Holmes EA, Ponsonby AL, Pezic A, Ellis JA, Kirkwood CD, Lucas RM. Higher Sun Exposure is Associated with Lower Risk of Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Matched Case-Control Study. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, 2019; May 15 (Epub ahead of print).

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  • Thank you for your article. I have UC and I’m currently living in California but originally from England. This morning I was talking to my housemates about my Colitis because this week whilst we’ve had ‘June gloom’ weather in the mornings I have been having trouble with inflammation and all those other fun things associated with it. It was great to find this article to help explain. My other housemate has almost the opposite, where the sun is a problem for her, she has to actively avoid it so she doesn’t get rashes and various other symptoms. I’m now thinking about writing an article myself about both of these conditions, thank you again 🤙

  • Earlier this year I saw Dr. Sorensen on “A Rood Awakening” on YouTube. I picked up his book and started getting more sunshine by sunbathing and walking with shorts, t-shirt, and sandals to maximize exposure. Over the summer, my bowel symptoms subsided and I felt great! Now that the days have grown short and I get very little sun (none above the magical 45 degrees elevation) my symptoms have returned. The sun is a great medicine for ibd.

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